8 0 quot Screen Monitor Industry Type LCD Display With Full Colors Touch Screen in LCD Modules from Electronic Components amp Supplies

8 0 quot Screen Monitor Industry Type LCD Display With Full Colors Touch Screen in LCD Modules from Electronic Components amp Supplies
8 0 quot Screen Monitor Industry Type LCD Display With Full Colors Touch Screen in LCD Modules from Electronic Components amp Supplies
8 0 quot Screen Monitor Industry Type LCD Display With Full Colors Touch Screen in LCD Modules from Electronic Components amp Supplies
8 0 quot Screen Monitor Industry Type LCD Display With Full Colors Touch Screen in LCD Modules from Electronic Components amp Supplies
8 0 quot Screen Monitor Industry Type LCD Display With Full Colors Touch Screen in LCD Modules from Electronic Components amp Supplies

Product Specification

Display Mode: 500:1

Type: TFT

is_customized: Yes

Brand Name: STONE

Model Number: STVC080WT01


8.0" Screen Monitor Industry Type LCD Display With Full Colors Touch Screen

Product Description
  Product Description

STONE Industry Spi TFT Module Controlled By Any MCU LCD Screens For Advertising



The STVC080WT-01 is the intelligent TFT LCD Module with UART PORT which can be controlled by ANY MCU via Simple Powerful Command Set. So it can be used as colourful TFT Display & Touch controller in various electronic equipment.


The STVC080WT-01 include CPU , TFT Driver,Flash Memory,UART port,power supply and so on,the important is that it  has the ready-made Basic Control Program and Powerful Design Software,so that it can reduce much development time and cost for engineers.

Working Principle

STONE Industry Spi TFT Module Controlled By Any MCU LCD Screens For Advertising



Software Operation


         STONE Industry Spi TFT Module Controlled By Any MCU LCD Screens For Advertising

 1.Design a group of individual Graphic User Interface!


2.Connection by RS232/RS485/TTL/Level Directly!


3.Write the C or C++language program for ANY MCU to control the TFT-LCD Module via Simple & Powerful Hex Command Set!




STONE Industry Spi TFT Module Controlled By Any MCU LCD Screens For Advertising

Product Parameters

Physical Parameter

 Model  STVC080WT-01
 Size (Inch)  8.0"
 Resolution  800×RGB×600
 Color  65536 colors (16 bit)
 Viewing Area  162 mm × 121.5 mm
 Pixel Spacing  0.1905 mm × 0.0635 mm(H×V)
 Overall Dimension  203mm×148.8mm×15.8mm(N)/17.4mm(T)
 Net Weight  435 g(N)/ 550 g(T)
 TFT Panel  A+ Class Industry Panel
 Touch Screen  Industry Level 4 wire resistance Or without touch screen is optional.

Backlight Parameter

 Backlight Type  LED
 Brightness  300 cd/m2(Brightness can be adjustable in 100 levels.)
 Contrast  500:1
 Backlight life  50,000 hours
 Viewing Angle  70°/ 70°/ 50°/ 70° (L/R/U/D)
 Working Temperature  -20°C ~ +70°C
 Working Humidity  55°C, 85%
 Storage Temperature  -30°C ~ +85°C
 Screen Mode  Digital

Performance Parameter

 CPU  CortexM4
 LCD Controller  CPLD EPM240
 Refresh Rate  200MHz
 Picture Switching Speed  19 ms/picture (53 pictures/s)
 Flash Memory  Standard 128m, Extension 1GB
 Memory Amount for picture  According to the capability of the image, Suggest "JPG" format
 Interface  RS232/ RS485/TTL/USB Interface
 Pictures downloading  USB2.0 (12Mbps) & U storage Disk downloading
 Voltage Range  DC6.0V ~ 35V (typical value: 12V)
 Power  2.8W

 Test Report

 MTBF  4,250,000H
 Working Temperature  -20°C ~ +70°C
 Air Humidity  60°C, 90%
 Continuous Vibration Testing  10-55Hz, 1.5mm, 10G
 Impact Acceleration Testing  6ms, 100G
 ESD Testing  10KV
 Radiation Reliability Testing  44W


Main Size of TFT LCD Module

 Size  Resolution
 3.5''  320*240; 320*480
 4.3''  480*272
 5''  480*272; 640*480; 800*480
 5.6''  640*480
 5.7''  640*480
 7''  800*480; 800*600; 1024*600
 8''  800*600; 1024*768
 9.7''  1024*768
 10.1''  1024*600
 10.4''  800*600
 12.1''  1024*768
 15.1''  1024*768

Product Picture

STONE Industry Spi TFT Module Controlled By Any MCU LCD Screens For Advertising



STONE Industry Spi TFT Module Controlled By Any MCU LCD Screens For Advertising


Why STONE TFT LCD Module Is Intelligent?







STONE Industry Spi TFT Module Controlled By Any MCU LCD Screens For Advertising

TFT Panel & Driver & Memory Flash & UART/USB Port &5-40V Power Supply

GUI Design Software & Hex Command Set

Easy to operate,use simple instruction(Hex code)to control TFT module by any junior engineer


2.Plug and Play.

3.Working fast.

4.Industrial class.

5.Components from Well-known Brands.


Operation System

Develop application programs by professional software engineer.

1.Need professional operation.

2.Long startup time. 3.Working slowly.

4.High cost.



Write plenty of control programs for TFT module by professional engineer.

1.Need tedious & Professional work.

2.Cost lots of development time.

3.Unstable workin system.

4.Poor quality components.

Just panel


1.Develop hardware and driver.

2.Write programs by professional engineer.

1.Need tedious &Professional work.

2.Cost even more development time. 3.Unstable working system.

4.Cheap imitated components. 



 STONE Industry Spi TFT Module Controlled By Any MCU LCD Screens For Advertising

Our Services

  our services

STONE Industry Spi TFT Module Controlled By Any MCU LCD Screens For Advertising

    1.  3-YEAR Warranty Period

         Replace by a brand-new Unconditionally

    2.  customizable service.

         a. Customize TFT-LCD Module according to customer’s requipment .
         b. Develop the customization function.
         c. Extend the flash memory to 1GB or 2GB.
         d. Assign the interface to RS232, RS485 or TTL.


STONE Industry Spi TFT Module Controlled By Any MCU LCD Screens For Advertising

Packaging & Shipping


STONE Industry Spi TFT Module Controlled By Any MCU LCD Screens For Advertising


STONE Industry Spi TFT Module Controlled By Any MCU LCD Screens For AdvertisingSTONE Industry Spi TFT Module Controlled By Any MCU LCD Screens For Advertising


1.    Does your product include program software?
A:  Yes. The free graphic user interface software is included.

2.    How do you program the display?
A:  We don’t have to write any code for the display or program the driver. Our display set include CPU and memory, you can directly use .jpg file to generate a GUI and use it to send HEX command set to communicate with your micro control unit.

3.    What kind of interface does this display have?
A:  The display set is using UART serial port (RS232/RS485/TTL) to communicate with any kind of MCU unit by HEX command sets.

4.    Can the display play video/audio files?
A:  Yes. The basic display set have 128 MB memory space and you can storage any video/audio file in it. The display can play the files directly.

5.    Are you using resistive touch or capacitive touch display?
A:  We have resistive touch, capacitive touch and non-touch display available.

6.    What else do I need to use this display set?
A:  We provide the cable, converter, software and manual. You just need a PC with windows system, and a 12V DC power supply to work with the display.

7.    I don’t know how to design the GUI or communicate with my device. Where can I get help?
A:  We provide a specific English manual and development guide for you. You can get any knowledge required for the developing. You can also check our YouTube channel for the instruction video, or directly contact with our sales to get some assistance.

8.    What if the display was broken or failed?
A:  We provide 3 years unconditional warranty for our I-serial and A serial display, 1 year unconditional warranty for the C-serial display. You can get a free replacement if your display was damaged or failed.



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